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november 3, 2008
plunger lamp. this is a hanging pendant lamp that can be used for a bathroom or kitchen lighting. the shade is made from brand new actual toilette plunger :) check it out >>


october 28, 2008
pantone necklace: the pendant is matched to the skin color of a person wearing it. this concept is just for kicks-and-giggles, and not intended for production. check it out >>


october 18, 2008
this is art. check it out >>

photoshop frame

september 29, 2008
photoshop photo frame: the first ever analog "digital" photo frame. enjoy!

this is high quality 4x5 wooden white frame with hand silk screened image of software window. insert your favorite picture of mom, dog or kid :) only 50 will be produced in time for holidays, and will be selling for about $50.

email me if you are interested: iloveblocks@gmail.com


photoshop frame

this is how the frame looks without the photo

broken link

february 1, 2008
this is what happens if i don't update the site for a whole month... my jpgs stop loading. but there's always something cool about errors, at least i think so. i fell in love with the beautiful broken link icon. this is how this necklace idea was born.


broken link >>

statement necklaces

december 30, 2007
ok, it's still kinda early for valentines day, but i am already thinking about it.
this is what a flower looks like zoomed in 2000+ %... pixels rule. woo-hoo! :)

statement necklaces

looks cute with jeans or little black dress :)


pixel flower necklaces >>

statement necklaces

december 9, 2007
i had fun making these... introducing the statement necklace collection.
now you can make a statement with the jewelry, just like with t-shirts.


statement necklaces >>

wishlist necklace

november 23, 2007
this is the ultimate holiday gift!!! you can now give all your colleagues and neighbors these stunning diamond necklaces, or emerald ones, or how about "lavishly beautiful diamond and oval aquamarine pendant set in 14k white gold" ones? all 25 bucks each!!! be aware though if you are giving this to someone special you better also have a real one as a backup, unless they have sense of humor :)

wishlist necklaces >>

wishlist necklace

it looks lovely with the evening gown :)

bare trees bracelet

november 20, 2007
this weekend i've taken some pictures of bare tree silhouettes against blue sky. the images came out very stark and beautiful, i didn't have to manipulate them in photoshop. i love the simplicity and color contract - this is how these bracelets were born.

bare tree bracelet >>

bare trees bracelets

i've made 2 bracelets so far... but i am trying to stop myself from making more :)i love these photos so much, that i even set my desktop wallpaper to this.

november 10, 2007
sometimes errors are cool. i tried to open some of my old photos only to find that jpg images were corrupted. as i was zooming in i noticed that it had the most amazing color combinations and very cool patterns...i thought it would make a cool bracelet. this is how these bracelets were born. i think they are really neat - and i just love that these patterns are computer generated!

error bracelet >>


october 28, 2007
"know your roots". where does inspiration comes from?

subconscious collection >>



october 27, 2007
last weekend me and my daughter spent a day on the beach. a sun was setting, and the air was so clean and crisp, it was such a serene setting. all of the sudden a hundreds of sea gals appeared out of nowhere and filled the sky. they were flying erratically in all directions. it was amazing. :) this is how this bracelet was born.

check it out >>


october 26, 2007
i stare at a cursor on my computer screen every day, and all of the sudden i though how cool it would be to see it applied to different objects. what if it has a life in it's own, outside of the computer?
ok i admit - i probably stared at my computer for too long :) this is how this idea was born.

check it out >>


october 20, 2007
we all love different things. i wanted to design a necklace that could be as unique as we all are. i included many options, but if you don't see what you "love" you can always grab a sharpie and fill in the blanks with anything!

check it out >>


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